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For many, traveling is a pleasure; for others it is a necessity. What is certain is that wherever we are, we will want and need to communicate with our colleagues, our family and our friends. This is why it is necessary to have tools such as encrypted SIM cards.

How annoying is it to travel to another country and have to search for public Wi-Fi networks, calling cards or other insecure alternatives just to be able to communicate, wasting time and putting your data at risk ? Ideally, we would like to be able to be connected all the time, wherever we are, and communicate in real time quickly and securely. The good news is that we can now do this simply by incorporating an encrypted SIM card into our cell phones.

Do not risk your personal data and information.

Did you know that when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks, your data flows freely across the network, exposed to third parties and cybercriminals? Additionally, hackers use fake networks with identical names to airports, cafes and restaurants, tricking you into checking in and leaving your data so they can steal your information and commit crimes. So if you need to make a personal, work, or private call, the worst decision you can make is to do so on public Wi-Fi using unsecured apps like WhatsApp. It is much better to start using an encrypted SIM card.

What is an encrypted SIM card?

An encrypted SIM card is an ultra-secure chip that uses state-of-the-art technology based on encrypted systems. A great advantage is that you can install it on any mobile or tablet device, which gives it an extra solid layer of security. This allows all your calls, connections and messages to be kept safe and anonymous, away from any malicious third parties. The best thing? It works almost anywhere in the world, so wherever you travel, you’ll be connected and able to communicate securely, quickly and efficiently.

Travel the world and communicate securely.

By exchanging your standard SIM card for an encrypted card, you can travel anywhere in the world and communicate securely, regardless of time and place. It doesn’t matter where you are communicating from; all your calls will be anonymous, and no third party will be able to interpret or listen to them. When you make the call, the signal is routed to the service provider’s secure servers where it is protected before it reaches the recipient, preventing anyone else from intervening. Plus, you can generate random numbers to make your calls from, giving you even more privacy and anonymity.

All of your geolocation information will also be encrypted, making it impossible to track or locate you anywhere in the world. And even if someone tried, they would find a fake location.

On top of that, your IMEI will be hidden, preventing anyone from associating the SIM card with a particular phone. So no one will find any personal information such as your name, ID documents or call records.

So if you are a frequent traveler and are looking for security and ease of communication, having an encrypted SIM card will undoubtedly be an excellent option.

Discover the Encryptados encrypted SIM card. is an international company specializing in secure communications. In its product portfolio, it has encrypted cell phones, encrypted appsand recently they added one of the best encrypted SIM cards on the market, the Encrypted Encrypted SIM Card.

the Encryptados Encrypted SIM Card is an ultra-secure SIM card that connects you from anywhere and offers you security, anonymity and confidentiality. It works in over 200 countries around the world and keeps you connected all the time. You can buy or recharge it easily wherever you are and whenever you want. What better ? The balance never expires, so once you top it up, you can take as long as you want to use what you’ve paid for. Forget deadlines and fixed rates.

With the Encryptados Encrypted SIM Card, you won’t have to worry about searching for public networks, as it connects to the best quality signal in the country you’re visiting to keep you constantly connected. On the Encrypted Pageyou will be able to consult the map of the zones, and thus follow the cost of your data in each country where you travel.

Use the Encrypted SIM Encryptados on your favorite device. It is compatible with any iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry cell phone or tablet, and once installed you will start enjoying all its benefits.

As a business, encrypted will not ask for personal data at the time of purchase and will not have access to files, history or user data. There are no contracts, no plans and no clauses.

Planning to travel? Take the Encryptados Encrypted SIM Card with you and start enjoying the peace of mind that secure communication provides. With the Encrypted SIM cardyou will be a ghost on the network.

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