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An abusive customer was thrown to the ground by security guards and a bartender was bitten by an amateur magician amid ‘debauched’ Halloween celebrations in Dunedin’s Octagon this weekend.

A video showing a man being escorted out of the Catacombs nightclub into a Half Nelson before being thrown to the ground by a security guard has been posted on TikTok and has received more than 60,000 views in about 10 hours since it was posted yesterday morning .

SPS Security owner Danny Taimalie said his first thought after seeing the video was that the security guard should be fired.

However, his investigations revealed there was more to Saturday night’s incident than was captured in the 13-second clip.

He said the man jumped a barrier leading to a performance space in the nightclub and was repeatedly asked by a young security guard to leave.

When the security guard finally went to grab her, the young man allegedly punched her in the face, Mr Taimalie said.

Other staff were present and an altercation broke out when he was taken to the door.

The man allegedly made monkey noises and used racial epithets towards SPS staff, who were largely Pasifika and Maori, Mr Taimalie said.

After the man was knocked to the ground, he got up and attempted to attack the staff.

As he stood beside his staff, Mr Taimalie did not tolerate the man being knocked to the ground and was lucky he was not seriously injured.

“That’s one of the reasons we have procedures and protocols.”

The security guard in the video had been asked to determine if he was in the right line of work, Mr Taimalie said.

At another bar down Stuart Street, a witness said the evening was more chaotic and “debauched” than usual.

An intoxicated patron repeatedly performed magic tricks and had to be told by staff not to play with fire.

The customer refused to leave and bit a bartender when he was carried outside, spilling blood, the witness said.


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