Extremely long queues return to Schiphol Airport; Shortage of security personnel on Monday


Monday is again a busy day at Schiphol Airport. Due to occupancy problems at security, there are long queues of passengers in departure halls 1 and 3. According to the FNV union, security guards at Schiphol are looking for work elsewhere due to the abolition of the summer allowance.

An airport spokesperson expected the crowds to continue for the rest of the day. “It’s a busy day, but there are also fewer security guards than expected. Terminal colleagues are working with all their might to get everyone on board. »

“I’m queuing here with my pregnant girlfriend who can’t even get out of line for a toilet stop,” traveler Felix Perez said in a message to the NL Times on Twitter. “We’re not drinking to try to stay in line (which took us at least 2 hours already).” Less than an hour before their 1:10 p.m. flight, he said they weren’t past halfway.

Until last week, Schiphol kept daily updates on its website with expected passenger numbers. With the end of the summer holidays, the updates stopped. “During August, services at Schiphol became more stable,” the website says.

“Daily updates often had the same effect. Often the queues were in the departure hall,” the spokesperson said. According to him, it may occasionally happen that travelers have to wait outside. This was also the case on Monday morning.

The summer allowance of 5.25 euros gross per hour ended with the summer holidays. According to Joost van Doesburg, FNV campaign manager at Schiphol, many Schiphol employees have already indicated that they intend to find other jobs after the summer period. This scenario now seems to be unfolding. “Many staff members came especially for this allowance. The summer allowance therefore helped to deal with the problems of the summer but did not contribute to making Schiphol’s problems disappear permanently.

Schiphol employees still receive a supplement, but only 1.40 euros. “This makes Schiphol’s offer less unique and less competitive,” Van Doesburg said. According to him, the exodus at the airport is currently very high, especially among security guards. “The summer stipend meant a little appreciation for this group. For many security guards, it was a reason to stay, at least until the stipend ended. But these people can earn the same thing elsewhere for less intensive work.

The union will hold talks with Schiphol on Tuesday. The goal of this conversation will be to make Schipol a pleasant place to work again, Van Doesburg said. According to him, the airport has two options: more security guards or fewer flights. “Schiphol must regain control.”


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