Fortanix Partners with Google to Unveil Client-Side Encryption of User Data in Google Workspace Apps


Fortanix announced that its Data Security Manager (SaaS / On-Prem) platform has been integrated with Google Workspace client-side encryption, a new privacy and privacy offering for Google Workspace users.

The partnership allows Google Workspace users to retain exclusive authority and control over cryptographic keys to encrypt data and documents on Google Workspace with enhanced key management capabilities offered by Fortanix.

In the wake of the growing adoption of cloud technologies and digitization, and a resurgence of interest in data security, the need to meet associated regulatory compliance is increasing across all verticals and globally. The pressure comes not only from regulators, but also from consumers.

Additionally, with the increase in the number of workers opting to work remotely and the majority of companies planning to operate fully or partially remotely, companies need solutions to facilitate seamless collaboration; and must do so while meeting all regulatory and safety requirements.

“Before the pandemic, companies focused more on managing front-end operations and logistics, while remote working capabilities and digitization were seen as strengths,” said Ambuj Kumar, CEO and co- founder of Fortanix. “So less time, effort and money was spent on threat research, incident analysis and incident response. “

Fortanix Data Security Manager integrates with Google Workspace CSE and allows customers to manage their own keys by acting as an external key manager while moving their data to the cloud. Not only is the data indecipherable for Google, but the encryption keys are also never stored on Google’s servers. The user has full control over the authorization of Google Workplace data and keys, thanks to FIPS 140-2 level 3 hardware security modules.

Users can also set and control Google Workspace Key Encryption Key (KEK) policies from their Fortanix DSM (On Prem / SaaS) account. Upon receipt of the file, the corresponding data encryption key is decrypted using client-supplied keys only after authenticating the user with client-controlled authentication.

“HSMs are traditionally viewed as security boxes that need to be properly installed in the office space. We are raising the bar with Fortanix DSM SaaS, ”said Kumar. “Through our partnership with Google Workspace client-side encryption, Fortanix offers FIPS 140-2 level 3 hardware protection, with full separation between users and regions as needed, and many other security features to protect your Google Workspace keys and data – on the go, on any device, anywhere in the world.

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