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This is a free-flying style blog, as I wanted to get this message across in today’s newsletter. LED magazine prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversarye anniversary – 20 YEARS – in 2023. We plan to have a mix of “then and now” style pieces, showcasing technological milestones and pioneers in LED and solid state lighting (SSL) technology and research ), and I hope. ..the help of the “historians” of our public.

Readers may not know that LEDs had humble beginnings in terms of digital technology and archiving. Without going into too much detail from the background, we don’t have a complete archive of past covers, article content and images that were featured in various issues of the magazine prior to 2013. We would really appreciate all long-time subscribers, as well as past contributors, helping us feature some of these stories in the magazine and on our website throughout 2023. Please scan or take a photo of your favorite old covers, say tell us what article or topic you’ve found most compelling over the years, and also be upfront: what hasn’t worked in the past 20 years, in terms of technology, materials, or application ? But be courteous, of course.

This first call is just to get you in the party mood and get us thinking! We would love to hear feedback from our audience on what you would like to see and read. I’d like to throw in the first argument: can we have two or three contributors willing to focus on just one challenge that the industry has encountered in the advancement of LED technology – perhaps optical, thermal and colors – to sum up “then” and “now” developments that have made progress in the application of LEDs to multiple markets? Start a conversation by emailing me so we can dig deeper and spread your knowledge to a wider audience.

We look forward to your participation in our 20th anniversary coverage.

*I can’t go back very far, as I’ve been with LEDs since 2013, but I can share my favorite coverage below. This GKD Mediamesh install from 2016 was one of the coolest covers I’ve worked on with our team and contributor. I liked the concept and the application; it was not a typical commercial signage or video use case, but rather gave the Cleveland Institute of Art the opportunity to showcase the unique and inspiring work of its students in static or video form. Admittedly, a thumbnail doesn’t do it justice, I guess, so I’ve included a video of the company below.

Video courtesy of GKD-USA, Inc.

CARRIE MEADOWS is editor-in-chief of LEDs Magazine, with 20 years of B2B publishing experience in technology markets including semiconductor technology manufacturing, fiber optic communications, machine vision, lasers and photonics, as well as than LEDs and lighting.

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