How GitHub Snake Mods Can Improve Player Experience


You may know Google Snake as a simple, classic arcade game that works right in your browser, with no downloads or installations required.

But did you know you can get even more out of Google Snake by installing mods from GitHub? Various developers have created mods that alter the look, gameplay, and other aspects of Snake in an effort to give players even more options and keep the game from feeling old for people who been playing it for some time.

Read on for an overview of the latest Snake mods you can find on GitHub, along with instructions for installing them.

What is Google Snake?

Google Snake is a browser-based game in which players navigate a virtual snake around the screen. The goal is to “feed” the snake apples that appear on the screen, while preventing the snake from becoming entangled in its own body. Because the snake grows longer as the game continues, successfully guiding the snake to each apple while avoiding entanglement becomes increasingly difficult as you play.

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You can play Snake on this url, or by simply typing “snake game” into the Google search bar. The game is free, it works in all modern browsers and does not require any download or package installation.

Google didn’t invent the concept behind Snake. Snake Style Games have been around since the 1970s. However, by offering Snake as an easily accessible game that anyone can play on virtually any device, Google has brought new popularity to this type of video game.

What are Snake Mods?

Snake mods are software that alter the appearance and/or gameplay of Google Snake. In other words, mods provide options and features not available in the Snake game itself.

You can then think of Snake mods as add-ons or expansions for the Snake game. When you use a Snake mod, you’re still playing Google Snake, but you’ll have a different experience than playing the “vanilla” (in other words, unmodified) version of the game.

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Mods are not developed by Google itself, and Google does not endorse or officially support them. They are produced by third-party programmers.

Below we explain where to find the latest Snake mods on GitHub and how to install them. But first, let’s talk a bit more about why you might want to use a Snake mod.

What are the features and benefits of getting new GitHub Snake mods?

By installing the GitHub Snake mod, players get several benefits that aren’t part of the base game:

  • New ways to play Snake: Many mods change major aspects of Snake’s gameplay to provide a different experience. For example, the “early game overThe mod removes “walls” from the game so players have more flexibility.
  • New appearance settings: Snake mods change the look of the game in a way that some players will find more enjoyable. For example, there is a custom colors mod which allows players to change the colors of the game to reduce eye strain.
  • Improved graphics: Along the same lines, Snake players can use mods from GitHub to update to more polished graphics, if they don’t like the arcade-style look and feel of the game’s default version.
  • More data tracking: Mods like “Google Snake Entry Counterhelps collect data, such as total entry into a game, that is not tracked by the base version of Google Snake.

In short, while you certainly don’t need to use mods to play Google Snake, mods can provide a more compelling gaming experience, especially after playing the default version of the game long enough to get bored. .

Where to find the latest GitHub Snake mods

Theoretically, the code for Snake mods could be hosted anywhere. But most mod developers chose to host their mods on GitHub.

That said, as there are many Snake mods and many different developers behind them, there is no central or “official” source to download mods from GitHub. Instead, you’ll find mods in a variety of places.

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Right now one of the most popular mod collection is hosted by Gang of black snakes, which maintains about two dozen Snake-related repositories. Each repository hosts a different mod, so you’ll need to install each mod you want from a separate repository.

Other popular GitHub repositories for mods include snake from skagenmacka and Snake-mods from Vepcz0069.

What are the known issues with GitHub Snake Mods?

Although in most cases it is safe and easy to use Snake mods from GitHub, there are a few possible issues to consider.

One is the fact that, as stated above, Snake mods are not officially endorsed or supported by Google – or, for that matter, any other major software company or organization. Instead, mods are created by relatively obscure developers, most of whom operate behind pseudonymous GitHub identities. So there is no guarantee that the mods will work as intended. There may be bugs or incompatibility issues between your browser and the mod that prevent it from working properly. And if something goes wrong, there’s no one to complain to or give official support.

There is also a small risk that mods will introduce security vulnerabilities into your browser. That said, since the code for most mods is open source and publicly available on GitHub, it’s likely that developers who can examine the code will discover security vulnerabilities. But since no one officially tests or scans the mod’s code, there’s no guarantee that it’s secure.

Many mods are also poorly documented, as you will see if you look at their GitHub repositories. In many cases, the developers haven’t even created descriptions of what the mod does, let alone provided documentation explaining how the mod works from a technical standpoint. At best, you’ll usually find a short README file on GitHub with very basic instructions for installing the mod.

The bottom line here is that you need to exercise a bit of caution when installing Google Snake mods from GitHub. They can be used in most cases, but you shouldn’t expect the kinds of security or stability guarantees you’d get when running software from leading organizations.

How to Install Snake Mods from GitHub

Now that we’ve gone through the ins and outs of Snake mods in detail, let’s take a look at what it takes to download and install Snake mods from GitHub.

The mod installation process can vary a bit depending on the mod you are using. In most cases, however, installing mods involves downloading an HTML file from GitHub, importing it as a bookmark into your browser, and then reloading the Snake game.

For example, to install the Google Snake Custom Menu ModFirst click on the “bookmark” link in the mod’s GitHub repository:

Next, open your browser’s bookmarks menu. You can find it through the File or Preferences menu, or press Ctrl-Shift-O, which is the shortcut to open bookmarks in Firefox and Chrome.

In the bookmark manager, click the button to import a bookmark from HTML. In Firefox, it’s under the “Import and Backup” tab:


When prompted, navigate to the location where you stored the bookmark link you downloaded from GitHub:


Click the Open button when you have selected the correct download.

Finally, reload the Snake game in your browser (or load it if it wasn’t already loaded). As long as the bookmark is correctly installed, you should see the results of the mod in-game. In this case, the result is that there is a “gear” icon in the lower right corner, which is a menu that this mod adds gambling :


The installation instructions for some Snake mods may mention pasting code into a console. This usually means opening your browser’s JavaScript console. For example, in Firefox, you can open the console by going to Tools>Browser Tools>Browser Console.

How to remove a snake mod

If you installed a mod using a bookmark, you can uninstall it by simply using your browser’s bookmark manager to remove the bookmark.

If you ran a mod by pasting code into your JavaScript console, closing the browser tab where you pasted the code should remove it. If that doesn’t work, try restarting the entire browser.

Mods Bring More Options For Snake Fans

Snake mods available on GitHub can make Google’s Snake game even more fun to play. Although you may find the mods to be of varying quality and the installation process a bit complicated, it’s worth checking out the mods if you’re a Snake fan and want more options from the game.

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