Secure your valuables from mobile thieves and data hackers for only Rs.700/-


Friends mobile has become an integral part of our life. It has become difficult to live without a cell phone these days. From children to adults, even though it is small, the whole world is contained in such a mobile phone. Hence the importance of mobile has really made ordinary life easier and more convenient.

You need to find someone who doesn’t use a cell phone these days. From chatting to budgeting, everything has become very easy thanks to mobile. But are you taking care of your mobile security? Previously, cell phones were only used to make calls, send messages and listen to songs. But in the current smart age of smartphones, banking transactions can be done very easily from mobile. Be it investing or transferring funds, everything can be done easily with just one click of the mobile.

But while using the same mobile phone, we post all the information about ourselves and our family’s photos or videos, check-in, check-out, location, trip details, etc. on the social networking site unknowingly. What will happen if your account is hacked at the same time? Or will your photos and videos not be misused? Many of these questions create fear in the minds of many people

But friends, no need to panic now because DSR e-ANGEL has brought you such an application. That we can take the security of our mobile ourselves.

In a situation where your phone is lost or stolen, it can pose a serious threat if the sensitive information on it falls into the hands of criminals. In addition, there is a risk of theft of your personal banking information.

Download the DSR e-ANGEL app to locate your lost mobile. Which is called e-ANGEL MOBILE SECURE. After downloading this application, you need to register the number of two people in your house in the emergency number. For this reason, with the help of this application we can check the live location of our lost mobile in the form of SMS. In this app you get three options siren, sms, email id with this option we will recover your lost mobile.

Additionally, the safety of women is a significant concern in today’s world. Often women are in crisis, but they don’t get help. Sometimes it is not possible to ask for help due to lack of network, internet. For this today we are going to know about the Female Safety app that can help us in any situation. If women are in trouble, with the help of this app they can send messages, location, details to their families and get help.

The personal data of your mobile is also important. To secure this VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature is also available in your app. By enabling the VPN, you get benefits like Private Browsing, Web Security, WiFi Security, Hide My IP and thus no data hacker can steal your data.

We have made this application available to you for only Rs 700/- without spending thousands of rupees to secure your precious mobile with a total of 24 features. On this occasion, the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN THE FILE OF TECHNOLOGY of SAKAL IDOLS MAHARSHTRA to the Chief Minister of GOA Honorable DR. Donated by PRAMOD SAWANT. We also received the 2022 Times Achiever Award for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION IN THE FIELD OF TECHNOLOGY. We were also honored with MSME INDIA BUSINESS AWARD MOST INVENTIVE PROJECT OF THE YEAR and Maharashtra Entrepreneur Bhushan Award GREATEST MOBILE SECURITY APPLICATION We were honored with this award.

We have given you the opportunity to learn more about this application and do business with us without any investment, as well as run your own business.



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