The Doncaster recording studio rubs shoulders with Rolling Stones, Oasis, U2 and Dr Dre


Higher Rhythm, the non-profit music industry organization based in Doncaster, has been backed by one of the world’s leading recording equipment companies and is listed as music industry royalty on its website .

Solid State Logic (SSL) is one of the biggest names in music industry equipment, manufacturing high-end mixing desks for over 50 years, used in many of the world’s leading recording studios. in the world and by artists from the Rolling Stones and Oasis, to U2 and Dr. Dre.

Building recording gear from their Oxford base, SSL supported Higher Rhythm with a discounted SSL “Origin” console for their main studio, which is now used daily for recording sessions and for teaching Higher Rhythm students courses such as their long-standing National Diploma. in music technology.

Higher Rhythm have teamed up with SSL to install the mixer at their Doncaster studio.

Steve Mundin, CEO of Higher Rhythm, said, “To be featured on the Solid State Logic website, among the greats of the music industry, is one of our proudest moments, and to be able to provide access to Truly world-class studio equipment such as the Origin console in our main studio, provides people who use our studios to record and learn, the best professional experience in the industry.

“If we were talking about cars, SSL is probably the Aston Martin of mixing desks.”

You can read the feature on the link between Higher Rhythm and Solid State Logic on the SSL website HERE


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